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Mental Math


What is mental Math?

Mental Maths is a skill or an ability that lets do Maths calculations in mind without any concrete thing like calculators, paper, pen, or other aids.  In Mental Maths methods, the child is introduced to a concept that helps solve arithmetic problems in a logical way.  In mental Maths calculations become easier by breaking the complex problems into easy steps calculations. This is done by breaking apart the numbers into digit values. For example, 33+65 to get this answer when you split these numbers apart in tens digit your head like 30+60=90 and then into one’s digit like 3+5=8 adding these gives you the correct answer that is 98.

In mental Maths the brain is trained to use a skill called working memory which is necessary for learning and reasoning. This working memory in contrast with long-term memory which helps stimulate the cognitive skills of the child.

Mental Maths for kids

Training the kids to perform mental Maths helps kids develop the number sense. Kids with a strong number sense are confident enough to connect the numbers fluently in their minds. These help build a child’s confidence and encourage flexible thinking thereby removing Math fear and inculcating love for Maths. Mental Maths keeps the child’s brain quick and sharp helping the child function well in their day-to-day life situations like calculating and comparing prices etc.

Maths in every aspect of life

Whenever did we think about the Maths problem we often end up thinking why is it so important to learn Maths? How would it help me besides calculations of some basic things?  When such a question arises think once again isn’t Maths important in each and every aspect of life besides calculations? Think about Maths and its everywhere right from the kitchen to sports ground to construction sites and where not it is needed. So, when Maths has so much importance why not build this strong foundation in your child that will help them solve every life problem with ease. Encourage your child from an early age to understand the Maths concept and practice the calculations mentally.

Tricks for mental Maths

Let your child calculate Maths in mind rather than memorize, as this will helps develop your child’s mental abilities.  Encourage the child to multiply, subtract, add, divide the numbers by visualizing and using mind and fingers to solve the problems. Performing Maths solution in mind is a kind of brain exercise, which helps sharpen the brain. when the child will start using their mind for calculations they will automatically start using their brain for other problems too, and hence it is said that mental Maths help develop other cognitive skills.

Harness your child’s full potential

Do you know your mind is more powerful than calculators? If the child’s brain is trained to perform mental Maths at an early age it will boost their brain power making them genius in every aspect of life. It is imperative to engage a child in mental activities such as reading, playing games related to the mind, listening to music, think clearly, learning new skills as these activities help stimulate the child’s brain-power. Maths skills is one of these mental activities that help enhance the child’s brain development, as the child is able to determine Maths equations with accuracy and speed using their brain.

At Maths wizard we help your child solve Maths equations accurately and faster than calculators. The child will fall in love with Maths and learn to solve every mathematical problem with fun and ease. our Abacus Maths program gives your child an edge and the child will master the Maths skills by just using their brain skills.

Maths wizard offers a stress-free environment and full of fun and interactive classes aimed at kids aged 5 to 14 years old. We have facilities for both choices individual or small batches.

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