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  Brain Science

Our brain is the central and one of the most important organs that control our emotions, thoughts, memories, speech, and movements. Made out of soft tissues our brain is also the most complex organ in the human body.

Do you know our brain has 2 hemispheres the left brain and the right brain? And the theory says that both brains function differently. According to a study in 2013 The right-side brain specialization for creativity, visuals whereas the left brain is dominant means analytical and methodical in thinking. There are various ways that help brain development like brain exercise, games, good books, learning, meditation, etc.

 Early Childhood Brain Development

Children’s overall development like physical, social, emotional, communication skills, motor skills, and cognitive skills grow rapidly in their early age years. This is the age where brain growth is at its peak. These early years of life stimulate and impact the overall growth of the child.  In fact, it is proved that the child’s brain develops faster at an early age and this is the right time when parents can foster the child’s cognitive development. Your child’s early brain development has a lasting impact on his or her success in education and overall life as it is the command center for our nervous system controlling every decision the child makes in his life. Everything that your child learns at an early age helps shape their young brains.

  Brain Exercises            

Brain exercises that use any cognitive training program like chess, or any other games or any artistic activities that stimulate the brain helps improve cognitive functions. it is the duty of every parent and teacher to help the child get involved in activities that help harness their natural potent


   Abacus Maths

Abacus an ancient arithmetic calculation program is a proven and powerful tool that helps stimulate whole brain development. Abacus is the fusion of both modern and ancient technology promoting self-confidence and problem-solving capability.  Usually, people use only one side of the brain but the continuous use of the abacus method helps develops right brain functions that contribute to the whole brain development.

In the advanced course later, the child practices Mental calculations without the use of any physical tools like calculators or pen/pencil. Abacus Maths is the smarter and fastest way of learning mathematical problems both from the basic to the complicated.

Today millions of students embark on Abacus training programs across the globe as it helps unlock the brain’s potential, improves memory making your child feel more positive and confident. Abacus Maths is a 360-degree brain development program for kids from 5 years to 14 years of age inspiring your child to explore a whole new world of logical and critical thinking.

Understanding Abacus Brain Science.


 Abacus Maths Brain hemisphere

According to a recent study abacus method of mental calculations is the best and effective form of brain development. In the abacus method, the kids learn to manipulate the abacus beads in their heads to carry out the calculations. While working on the abacus the child uses both hands to move the beads this helps activates the brain sensor as the left hand coordinates with the right brain and the right hand with the left brain.

Dr. Toshio Hayashi, Doctor of Engineering
Professor, Osaka Prefecture University
Director, Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (RIAST) writes –

If the purpose of life is the process to achieve this goal (“master of life”), then I believe that the abacus education can be one of the significant guidelines for life. I would like us all to be “life-long healthy people with abacus”.


Usually, when we do Maths calculations we imagine the numbers in our mind whereas the abacus students visualize an image of abacus in their mind and are extremely capable of doing the calculations rapidly and accurately.
Why choose us?


We are known to be an enrichment Abacus Learning center committed to igniting a love for Maths in your child.  You can count on us for the delivery of results, quality teaching method, a stress-free environment that is full of fun for your children. We live in an era of speed and expected the children to perform in a certain way, but at Maths Wizard, we understand that every student is different and have their own rhythm and hence we follow a different pace and hence our methodology emphasizes that each student must understand the concept well before we move on to next session.

Our program is designed in such a way that it will help nurture your child’s not only calculation skills but also helps improve their overall academic performance. We have classes for individuals and groups, we also conduct both offline classes in Mumbai and online classes for students who live in other parts of the city or thousand of miles from the country.