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Your wait for offline Abacus Maths classes is over. We are now offline also.

Abacus classes near me

We are pleased to announce Abacus Offline courses for students in Mumbai. Maths Wizard abacus classes in Mumbai aims to teach students Maths using Abacus Method in a simplified and interactive way. Abacus Classes near me is our new address in Mumbai that gives an opportunity to students to attend the class offline staying nearby in the nearby areas.

Abacus Classes

Our Abacus Program enables students to solve the mathematic problems at the snap of the finger, as the abacus method is based on mental calculations. In abacus method the child does not need to use calculator or book and pencil or pen to calculate the Maths problems. The child uses his mind to do the calculations this helps nurture their brain to the fullest extent.

Why Abacus?

According to a study carried out by an American psychologist and researcher Dr. James W. Stigler indicated that Abacus has both quantitative and qualitive effects on children’s Mental calculation skills. Abacus is a simple tool used for performing Maths calculations based on Means Scientifically it has been proved that abacus is an excellent way to help improve Child’s Brain Development and other cognitive skills such as




Speed and Accuracy in Maths calculation



Listening Skills

In a nutshell Abacus is a complete Skill and Brain Development Program for kids.

Our Teaching Method

Learning is thrilling at Maths Wizard Abacus Classes. Our Abacus Teaching method is complete stress-free, interactive and fun learning. We believe that learning should be always fun and not just rote learning thing. Today’s students have to work extra hard due to competitive world and competition in schools too to be the top ranker. There are many underlying reasons that makes our children stressed out and overloaded at schools and tuitions due to which the students find it difficult to hold their attention.  And hence we have come up with the method that is more engaging and fun and easy to absorb. Maths being one of the most important subjects not only in schools and university but also in life should be made interesting and fun to practice. We sincerely believe if the learning is full of fun, interactive and innovative our children will love learning and Maths will be no more a boring subject and they will fall in love with Maths.

Why Offline Classes?

After running successfully online abacus classes many wonder why have we started offline classes? Due to demands from lots of parents to start offline abacus class so that they could enroll their kids in our Abacus offline class.

With the advanced technology many learning centers and educational institutes have turned towards online classes.  But the impact of offline classes has not reduced, as the kids have face-to-face interactions with their peers and the trainers. Many kids and parents find offline classes more enjoyable, fun and interactive and also, they have new environment rather than always being at home.

Give your child an excellence edge with Maths Wizard Abacus Classes. 

Maths Wizard Abacus Maths Program is designed for the kids aged 5 years to 15years that helps develop your Maths Skills along with other cognitive skills. So what are you waiting for? Enroll your kids today and enjoy the benefits of helping your child become Maths Genius.