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3 Methods
  • Abacus
  • Mental Theory
  • Vedic Maths
  • Basic (2+9 Levels)
    5 yrs to 7 yrs or Sr. kg to 2nd Std.
  • Advance (9 Levels)
    8yr or 3rd Std. & above
Pure Vedic Maths (40 Session)
  • Eligibility 6th Std. Above


What parents speak about us

We are extremely thankful to MATHS WIZARD institute for providing a strong platform and motivating kids to excel in abacus. It help us identify Fatima potential. She has gain more confidence.
Our special appreciation to maths wizard for keeping the kids busy and challenged during her class hour. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other parents.
Saniya Shaikh
(mother of Fatima Shaikh)
- Pune -

One of the Maths Wizard teacher has been teaching my son taking remote classes from India. She has been very accommodating with time zone difference. Shows up promptly, keeps kiddo engaged, helps children understand the concepts and is very patient. I’m extremely fond of her and can’t wait for my younger one to start learning from her! Thank you MATHS WIZARD.
(mother of Ekam)
- U.S.A -