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Wanna make
Maths Easy
for your child

Online Classes for

maths fear of your child

Online Classes for

Wanna make ur child
fAll in love
With maths

Online Classes for

Wanna make
Maths Easy
for your child

Online Classes for

maths fear of your child

Online Classes for

Wanna make ur child
fell in love
With maths

Online Classes for

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About us

Maths Wizard conducts Offline and online class aims at removing fear of Maths and inculcate love for maths. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it ignites the children’s learning in more enjoyable way. The main advantage in using abacus math is that the student just after a few months memorize the image of the abacus in their mind, and can perform calculation mentally.

The Abacus is a simple mathematical tool used for calculations originated in china but now used as a modern technique for teaching mathematics in a fun way. With abacus Maths the child learns to calculate Maths mentally without any physical aids like paper, pen or calculators. The child is in well position to do multiplications, addition, subtractions, square and cube roots and even the complex calculations with speed and accuracy. Abacus Maths is simple, easy and fast proven technique used by innumerable students across the globe. Abacus Maths is a unique, enrichment course that helps children calculate Maths problems faster than calculators.

Headquartered in India Mumbai we offer our students abacus Maths classes to help children excel in Maths using their mental power. Our programs are designed for students aged 5-14years with the objective to teach mathematics techniques that will help unlock the child’s full potential. This is an ideal program providing students to build a stronger foundation for their future education, encouraging brain development and improving cognitive skills dramatically.

 The main advantage in using abacus math is that the student just after a few months memorize the image of the abacus in their mind, and can perform calculation mentally. We also offer pure Vedic courses, Vedic Mathematics, which derives its terminology from Vedas, consists of smart tactics to solve lengthy and complex arithmetic calculation habits of practicing basics of Vedic mathematic regularly can turn you into a human calculator.

Our Teaching Method

We begin with basics principles of Abacus Maths like additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions of smaller digits and then progress through higher levels in accordance with progress of the students. The Abacus Maths courses help the child visualize the calculation in mind thus developing their mental power and concentration.

At Maths Wizard we offer our students a super friendly and interactive and customized classes where the child learns the best and enjoys every session. Our classes are lively, vibrant and full of fun and positive energy. With a fun-focused teaching session we ensure complete engagement, and personal connections with each student. We track and monitor each student progress at regular intervals.

Advantage of joining Maths Wizard Abacus Maths Classes.

Though Abacus Maths is all about improving mathematical skills but not limited to that it, thus helping students improve overall academic performance. Your child at the end of the Abacus Maths program will have

  • Improved Concentration
  • Improved critical thinking
  • Mastery over numbers
  • Enhanced overall academic performance
  • Improved problem-solving abilities

Most parents find it difficult to locate a center to enroll their child in abacus and Vedic math classes. To solve the problem Math Wizard came up with an online Course We also offer our students a dedicated live online Abacus Maths classes for kids, no matter where you live. We have our Abacus Maths classes in India and across the globe including centers in India, UAE, USA, UK, Singapore and Australia. Our online class frequency depends upon the preference and availability of students. We care for our students and understand their other commitments like schools, tuitions, homework and hence give them the freedom to choose their classes as per their availability. 

We conduct 1.1 and even group classes so that you have a choice to choose the classes that suits you. The optimum time to learn Abacus Maths is from tender age of 5 as the astonishing amount of brain development takes place helping the child learn incredible number of skills leading to their holistic development and progress. We create an environment where your child gets completely engaged and develops a love for learning Maths and by the end of the course, the child becomes an independent learner and develops the motor skills thereby improving their learning and development. 

So are you ready to enroll your child in Maths Wizard’s excellent Abacus Maths classes?

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Our Courses

Maths Wizard Courses
3 Methods


Mental Theory

Vedic Maths

  • Basic (2+9 Levels)
    5 yrs to 7 yrs or Sr. kg to 2nd Std.
  • Advance (9 Levels)
    8yr or 3rd Std. & above
Pure Vedic Maths (40 Session)
  • Eligibility 6th Std. Above



What parents speak about us

We are extremely thankful to MATHS WIZARD institute for providing a strong platform and motivating kids to excel in abacus. It help us identify Fatima potential. She has gain more confidence.
Our special appreciation to maths wizard for keeping the kids busy and challenged during her class hour. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other parents.
Saniya Shaikh
(mother of Fatima Shaikh)
- Pune -

One of the Maths Wizard teacher has been teaching my son taking remote classes from India. She has been very accommodating with time zone difference. Shows up promptly, keeps kiddo engaged, helps children understand the concepts and is very patient. I’m extremely fond of her and can’t wait for my younger one to start learning from her! Thank you MATHS WIZARD.
(mother of Ekam)
- U.S.A -

Why Maths Wizard Online class?

Saves your times and energy both, which is spent while going to a center.
For any inconvenience we are providing 24X7.
It is very advantageous for those students who are a bit shy and hesitant in nature.
We keep small batches to pay attention on each child.
Get a chance to see your kids learn in front of you.