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Abacus online classes Dubai
We instill a love for Maths subject in kids with our modern techniques and customized learning environment.
                Let your kid master the Maths calculations with abacus Maths

What is abacus Maths?

Abacus Maths is a method of mental math technique to carry out addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and even extract square-roots and cubic-roots. Abacus is one of the most creatives and fun ways to count numbers efficiently, quickly, and accurately.

Benefits of learning abacus

Abacus Maths has numerous benefits. It not only helps build Maths skills but also helps develop the brainpower and enables to acquire other cognitive skills like concentration, imagination, creativity. It helps overcome Maths phobia as in abacus the child understands the concepts of Maths which creates interest in them for Maths. When the kids begin to learn Abacus, they use their fingers for calculations which helps stimulate the brain and boosts memory.

How does Abacus work?

It actually works on the place value system featuring a series of beads that can be moved up and down. The Abacus tool is a fun and convenient way used for a higher level of mathematical calculations making simple.

What is the right age to learn abacus?

Well, the best answer is “learning has no age limit”. But it is proved that starting learning at an early age helps build a kid’s strong foundation and rapid brain development. Also, the kids learn faster at an early age because their mind is fresh and free of tensions. Hence, we recommend parents enroll the kid in abacus anywhere from 4-5 years of age.

How does Abacus help the brain?

Abacus Maths helps utilize the left and right brain functions through movements of both the hands, enhancing your kids’ cognitive skills besides developing mathematical abilities.

What is the price of  Abacus Classes?

We at Maths Wizard offer abacus Maths classes that not only enhance your kids’ mathematical skills but helps brain development too, combining ancient and modern technology. We Make your child’s learning in an exciting, fun, playful method making them stress-free. Our fees are quite affordable compared to what your child is going to benefit from.

Why choose Maths Wizard?

At Maths Wizard we offer kids a complete advanced abacus and Mental training program that helps build your child’s whole brain development, self-confidence, creative thinking, logical and reasoning ability. Our unique abacus Maths course is designed to capture your child’s interest and love for Maths We are well aware of the kid’s situations and we also understand each child is unique and has a different learning style but it is important that the child has to master the Maths skills and hence we use a holistic approach to help meet the needs of the students.

We create an environment where your child gets completely engaged and develops a love for learning Maths and by the end of the course, the child becomes an independent learner and develops the motor skills thereby improving their learning and development.


5yrs to 13yrs.


Basic (1 & 2) + 9 levels…. Total 11 levels…


Basic 1 Level – 15 classes

Basic 2 Level – 30 classes

Levels 1 to 9 – 30 classes each level


Abacus online classes Dubai

What parents speak about us

We are extremely thankful to MATHS WIZARD institute for providing a strong platform and motivating kids to excel in abacus. It help us identify Fatima potential. She has gain more confidence.
Our special appreciation to maths wizard for keeping the kids busy and challenged during her class hour. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other parents.
Saniya Shaikh
(mother of Fatima Shaikh)
- Pune -

One of the Maths Wizard teacher has been teaching my son taking remote classes from India. She has been very accommodating with time zone difference. Shows up promptly, keeps kiddo engaged, helps children understand the concepts and is very patient. I’m extremely fond of her and can’t wait for my younger one to start learning from her! Thank you MATHS WIZARD.
(mother of Ekam)
- U.S.A -