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abacus teacher training
Abacus Teachers Training Program is one of the highly on-demand course.


Best Abacus Teacher’s training Institute

Maths Wizard one of the best Abacus classes online and offline now is pleased to offer abacus teacher training course with focus to ensure that each learner gets well qualified an an abacus teacher.

What is abacus teachers training program about?

Abacus teachers training program is all about learning to perform mathematical problems using your mind. After the training you can efficiently perform any Maths problems with accuracy, without using the calculator. Our purpose to start this program for teachers is to enable you to teach the students Maths in a stress-free, engaging and entertaining way. No, this training is not only the about the basic Maths calculations, Abacus Maths is a method of mental math technique to carry out addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and even extract square-roots and cubic-roots.

Maths Wizard Abacus Teacher’s training Program

Our abacus teacher training program aims to provide the not only the best abacus training but also the techniques to conduct stress-free and engaging classes for the students. Our – months rewarding program is to make you an independent earner. You can also continue teaching with your current occupation.

At Maths wizard you get training from top-notch abacus expert who have experience in teaching students and teachers at international level too. You have flexibility to learn from the comfort of your home. At the end of the course you will get a certificate that will help you accelerate your career.

Who can join the course?

If you have a passion for teaching, and willing to venture into specific Maths area of teaching you are welcome. Our abacus teachers training program is opened for any aspiring candidates like homemakers, parents, teachers or any other professionals. The best part of the program is that you can start earning from the comfort of your home. Even if you are into different profession you can join our program and start earning without leaving your current profession at your space and time.

Abacus Teachers Training Levels – Course Duration

Total 24 sessions, either once or twice a week – an hour depending upon the availability of the candidate. 

Abacus Teacher training course fees.

Abacus Teachers training course fees is Rs – 12,000.

Is Abacus Teacher Training Online or Offline?

Maths Wizard Abacus Teacher Training Program is both Online and Offline.

Do you provide Abacus Teacher Training Program Material?

Yes, at Maths Wizard we provide the entire training program material. For Offline and Online we provide soft copies of worksheet for practice.

 If you have any further questions related to Abacus teachers training program contact us.


abacus teacher training

What parents speak about us

We are extremely thankful to MATHS WIZARD institute for providing a strong platform and motivating kids to excel in abacus. It help us identify Fatima potential. She has gain more confidence.
Our special appreciation to maths wizard for keeping the kids busy and challenged during her class hour. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other parents.
Saniya Shaikh
(mother of Fatima Shaikh)
- Pune -

One of the Maths Wizard teacher has been teaching my son taking remote classes from India. She has been very accommodating with time zone difference. Shows up promptly, keeps kiddo engaged, helps children understand the concepts and is very patient. I’m extremely fond of her and can’t wait for my younger one to start learning from her! Thank you MATHS WIZARD.
(mother of Ekam)
- U.S.A -