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Importance of Maths

Have you ever thought about why is Maths so important? And why do you need Maths? Can we imagine our world without Maths? Many times, these questions leave your mind stumped.

So, Let’s understand the importance of Maths. Maths is a fundamental part of our education and life. Maths is used in every aspect of our lives. If we glance into our daily life activities we will find Maths all around us. Maths in the real-world rules everything that is around us. No matter what language you speak, or which part of the world you live in, Maths is simply the part of our lives and hence it is called a universal language. Maths is also used to predict the future of the atmosphere called “Numerical Weather Prediction”. The measurement and the observations of the earth like Air, Wind Speed, Pressure, Water Level are all presented by the numbers.

Coming back to our normal life we live Maths is present even there. Whether you are kitchen or playing games check, is not Maths there? Do not you need to measure the proportions of the ingredients before cooking?  the numbers, and the scores in the games? Whether you are playing Cricket, or Bad-Minton or Carrom or just a simple game of hiding and seek, and the numbers are present there too.

Remember the square yards in making or purchasing your home? And how about the Financial Management at home and offices? Profits and Losses, Success and Failures, It’s all nothing but mathematical calculations.

In your academic curriculum subjects like (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical, and even Computers Maths concepts are present and hence crucial. Every profession needs to have a basic knowledge of mathematics. Whether you are a fitness expert or a Chef, whether white-collar or a blue-collar professional, Maths is necessary to manage and run your life and profession efficiently. Maths is even found in nature, you see all around the different shapes and sizes

Maths also helps us in our daily lives by improving our problem-solving abilities and reasoning power, and analytical and logical thinking. When Maths is so important aspect of our life, should not it be considered as an important subject too informal education?

Importance of Maths in our daily lives

According to a recent study conducted—– a child who learns to solve the Maths problem at ease, has the ability to solve other problems too, as they possess more logical skills. And when we talk about logical thinking means we are talking about something that makes sense. And hence Mathematics students are said to be more sensible in solving problems with flexibility and ease.

Reasoning skill is an important skill that helps rationalize thoughts giving a positive outcome. It is all about addressing a problem, thinking in the right and positive way, and coming to rational conclusions.

A child with logical thinking has the ability to excel in other academic performances. And hence it is important to make your child understand and perform Maths with mind and not memorize. Once the child will develop the habit of doing mental Maths it will not only help them solve mathematics problems easily but even will be useful in their day-to-day lives and choosing the right career.

After understanding the importance of mathematics in your child’s life now it’s time to know how would your child learn Maths concepts and use the mind to solve mathematic problems? The answer is simple Abacus Maths

Since abacus Maths focuses highly on mental calculations hence it is remarkable for the development of your child’s intelligence, memory power, logical thinking, and concentration. Abacus being one of the ancient learning tools is a proven methodology for acquiring the important skills that will help your child not only at a young age but also later in their day-to-day lives.

It is believed that 90% of brain development happens between 5 to 14 years, knowing the fact many parents have turned to Abacus Program for their children.

How does Abacus Help?

Abacus not only helps your child excel in Maths, but it is a complete brain development program. With an Abacus child’s brain is mentally trained to visualize the numbers and carry out the calculations mentally. This helps the child’s brain to apply logic in not only Maths calculations but also will help later in their daily lives. the abacus also helps the child learn to avoid any distractions, keeping them more focused thus helping improve their concentration. Abacus also helps eradicate Maths phobia from your child as the basic concepts of Maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are inculcated just by the movements of the beads.

Hone your child’s analytical and logical skills with abacus Maths. Nurture your child’s potential with Maths Wizard Abacus Program.  Maths Wizard Abacus Program for kids is interactive, fun, and friendly. Our unique and systematic approach aims at guiding the child to visualize Maths problems in mind making it interesting and helping calculate Maths sums faster than a calculator.